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Copacabana Boston - Boston Terrier

Selecting Bostons to be loved, that´s the breeder´s Maria del Rocio Nadal goal and whose breeding philosophy includes a highly selected but small, sound and homeraised pack, in order to produce beautiful and genetic diseases-free Bostons, strictly according to the breed´s standard.

Copacabana Kennel is located in São Paulo, established in 1999 and named after the huge sidewalks at Copacabana beach, which such as the Boston Terrier breed, have a wonderful black and white pattern.

The breeder is a licensed veterinarian, graduated at Universidade de São Paulo, and since 1993 dedicated to practice and small animals surgery. She´s also an all-rounder judge for FCI (Fédéracion Cynologique Internationale), judging in Brazil and abroad, since 1994.

Copacabana´s Bostons compete at conformation and agility rings all over the world, showing the quality and flawless
work of Mrs Nadal on the breed.


Gringo Sugar

Gringo x Sugar

Birth: 06/25/2021

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Gringo x Sugar

Birth: 06/25/2021
Males: 1
Females: 0
Available: 1

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